Cartonificio Sandreschi

The Cartonificio Sandreschi cardboard and paper mill was established in 1863 in the valley of Villa Basilica, in Lucca, an area that was already famous for the production and processing of paper. Ernesto and Benedetto Sandreschi have led the family business for more than thirty years, supporting a development based on a balance between tradition and innovation.

The Corporate philosophy focuses on long-lasting commercial relationships pivoting on broad scope partnerships. Corporate organisation foresees a management in direct touch with the commercial and technical divisions of customers and an efficient B2B, with a staff keen on understanding clients’ requirements and meeting their demands. Today the corporate mission is focused to an environmentally friendly production.


Papers in reels, uncoated, Tissue rolls.

address Via delle Cartiere 1, 55019, Villa Basilica (LUCCA) , Italy

phone tel +39 0572 43033 - fax +39 057243504



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