Buckman is intently focused on helping our paper and pulp customers succeed. So much so that we put our reps through an incredible amount of training specific to pulp and paper. And we complement that expertise with the latest in smart technology, advanced data analysis and customer-centered solutions. In other words, we know your business from river to reel. So we are better equipped than most to help measurably improve your mill’s operation and promote long-term sustainability and growth. It’s more than chemistry. It’s Chemistry, connected.


Adhesives, Anti-foaming agents, Anti-slime agents, Auxiliary chemicals for the paper industry, Bactericides, Biocides, Cleaning agents, Coating, Corrosion inhibitors, Deinking agents, Drainage agents, Dry strength improving agents, Flocculation agents, Flotations agents, Fungicides, Repulping agents, Retention agents, Sizing agents, Sludge dewatering agents, Softners, Waste water purifying agents, Wet strength agents, Wetting agents, Wire conditioning agents, Yankee coating additives .

address 1256 N. McLean Blvd., 38108, Memphis (Tennessee) , USA

phone +1 901 278 0330



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