A.Celli Paper S.p.A.

A.Celli Paper S.p.A., is specialized in technologically advanced system solutions for complete turnkey plants from stock preparation to roll handling and packaging. A.Celli’s proven expertise in the manufacture and rebuilding of Tissue Paper Machines with a daily production capacity from 30 to 260 tonnes, and of rewinders for tissue and flat papers and cardboard. The innovative MySp@res® system and the 24/7 post-sales assistance service complete A.Celli’s offer.


AC motors, AC-DC drives, Agitator tanks, Air compressors, Air conditioning plants, Assembling, Blade holders, Bleaching plants, Calender cylinders, Calender drives, Calenders, Calenders revamping, Chemical fluid pumps, Chest mixers, Chests, Chromium plating, Circuit water cleaning, Cleaners, Cleaning systems, Cogeneration systems + paper drying applications, Consultancy services, Control and switch panels, Controlled wind reelers, Conveying screws, Conveying systems for paper reels, Conveyors, Core drums, Couplings all kinds, Creping blades, Creping cylinders, Cutter drives, Cylinders, DC motors, Deflakers, Deinking systems, Disc filters, Dispersing machines, Doctor holding devices, Doctor motors, Doctors and doctor blades, Dosing pumps, Dryers and drying plants, Drying cylinders, Drying hoods, Dust extractors, Effluent tratment plants, Electrical drives, Electrical equipments, Electrical motors, Energy Saving, Expansion Joints, Fabric guide, Fabric stretcher, Felt conditioning equipments, Felt guide, Felt stretcher, Felts, Flotation save-alls, Flotations plants, Flow meter, Foils, Forming fabrics, Gaskets, Gears, Grinding service for drying and creping cylinders, Headboxes, Heat exchangers, Heat recovery systems, High density cleaners, High pressure pumps, Industrial gaskets, Lubrication plants and oils, Machine knives and tools, Maintenance, Mandrels, Mechanical screw jacks, Mechanical seals, Medium consistence pumps, Mixers, Nickel plating, Non-woven machines, Nozzles, Packaging systems and machines, Palletiser - Palletising, Palletising lines, Paper machine drives, Paper machines, Paper machines revamping, Paper Mills plants, Perforated screen plates, Pipelines, Presses, Pressure rolls, Pressurized headboxes, Pulpers, Pulpers for paper machines, Pumps, Recovery plants, Reelers, Refiner disks, Refiners, Rewinders, RFID, Roll covers, Roller bearings for paper machines, Rolls, Rope guides, Rubber rolls, Safety flange shields, Screens, Screw presses, Seals, Seals for pumps and valves, Shafts, Shear cut systems, Shower pipes, Slitter knives, Slitter-winders, Slitter-winders revamping, Sludge dewatering plants, Sludge pumps, Spare parts, Spreader cylinders, Standard chemical pumps, Steam and condensate systems, Stock preparation systems, Suction box bars, Suction press rolls, Suction roll covers, Suction rolls, Tail Breaker, Tail Cutters, Technical service, Training Courses, Twin wire formers, Vacuum plants, Vapour hoods, Ventilation equipments, Waste disposal plants, Waste paper preparation systems, Waste water plants, Water preparation plants, Winder drives, Winders, Winding shafts, Yankee cylinders, Yankee hoods .

address Via Del Rogio, 17 - Tassignano, 55012, Lucca (LU) , Italy

phone +39 0583 98441



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