A.Celli rebuilding: a new slitting section for KC Malaysia

Kimberly Clark Products Malaysia, Kluang Johor Mill: second step upgrade of old TM1 A.Celli combining winder from the 1980s with new slitting section.

A.Celli rebuilding: a new slitting section for KC Malaysia

In July 2017, after the first step of upgrade for new motorization with sectional drive transmission and the addition of the 3rd axial unwind stand performed during 2016, A.Celli Paper’s Customer Service team installed and successfully concluded the second step of upgrade on a tissue winder (combining winder AC820) from the 1980s.

The intervention, which entailed updating the slitting unit with modern knives, allowed the customer to improve the quality of the cut.

A.Celli Paper worked in close contact with the customer, finding the optimal solution for a light-impact modification with short shutdown time. The new configuration kept into consideration the convenience of the operations to be performed on the one hand and the needs of KCC Products Malaysia on the other, in order to obtain the best results in terms of cutting efficiency and precision.

The customer was very appreciative of the project, acknowledging the high level of professionalism of A.Celli Paper’sCustomer Service team and its ability to always find functional, practical and intelligent solutions through engineering/design analyses.


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