A Chinese podium for A.Celli Paper Tissue Machines with Crescent Former technology

A Chinese podium for A.Celli Paper Tissue Machines with Crescent Former technology

In the 2020-2021 edition of the “Directory of Tissue Paper & Disposable Products” published by China Paper Association, A.Celli Paper SpA is among the top three suppliers of Tissue Machines with Crescent Former for the Chinese market in the 1988-2019 period. The introduction of this type of technologically advanced production lines has considerably increased production capacity in the Chinese tissue paper industry.

According to the China Paper Association study, by the end of 2019, 175 new Tissue Machines equipped with the Crescent Former technology were imported and started up in China for a total capacity of 7.006 million tons per year. A.Celli Tissue Machines have always based the formation of the tissue sheet on this technology, which involves the bonding of wire and felt immediately downstream of the headbox. This technique favors the separation of water from the fiber, ensuring a high quality product characterized by its softness and favoring substantial savings in terms of energy and materials.

A.Celli Paper currently has several projects underway in China for double format Tissue Machines, some of which are requested with Shoe Press, as well as several Tissue Rewinders. The Shoe Press is also a device, placed immediately before the Yankee Dryer, able to greatly increase the removal of moisture, with the double advantage of reducing energy consumption, necessary during the drying phase, and the possibility of obtaining papers of excellent quality with greater thickness, and therefore softer.


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